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Email your order enquiries to:
email:  admin@daystarbooks.org   or      info@daystarbooks.org

Payment Options

We have three payment options available…

  1. Cheque – available for New Zealand orders only.
  2. Direct Deposit to our bank account – available for New Zealand orders only.
  3. Credit card (via the secure facilities of Paypal) – available for all orders.

Details of our payment options follow…

Direct Deposit

Payment may be made by direct deposit to DayStar Books

Kiwibank  38-9011-0698855-00

Credit Card

New Zealand orders: If you wish to pay via credit card please see our available titles below and click the “Buy Now” button (New Zealand orders only). Please contact our office for pricing on bulk orders. See the information below for International orders.

International orders (orders from outside of New Zealand): please contact our office to advise us of the title you wish to order and the location it is to be shipped to. We will then calculate the cost and send you a credit card payment request that you can complete online. It’s secure and very easy.

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