About us

DayStar Books publish a broad range of quality titles which inspire and give hope, books that influence people and society in a positive way. They include biographies and books on social issues, lifestyle, Christian spirituality, justice, health and wellbeing and selected fiction.

Who are the Directors of DayStar Books?

George Bryant is an established author. He has written 43 books and booklets on people and society and edited numerous volumes. A leading author on Christian and social issues. He holds a number of qualifications in education, theology and management. A former high school principal, he is also an ordained minister and active in many social organisations. www.georgebryant.co.nz

Julie Belding is an editor with two decades of experience in newspaper and magazine publishing. She also does freelance work. She is a trained ESOL teacher and enjoys teaching English to immigrants.

Jeanette Knudsen is a researcher, and author of Great Futures: 25 Years of Christian Education at Bethlehem. She has just published Four Kiwis on the Silk Road. She also co-authored Fire At the Mount. Jeanette, a former secondary school teacher, particularly enjoys travel writing. See blogs www.silkspin.travellerspoint.com and www.moosespin.travellerspoint.com

Ruth Linton has experience in writing poetry (two anthologies published), proofreading, editing and judging. She is involved with the production of the NZ Christian Writer magazine and co-ordinates the Tauranga Christian Writers’ Group. She trained as a school teacher.

Christel Jeffs holds a Master’s degree in creative writing. She is an author, editor and proofreader and has just published her first novel, The Gumdigger’s Wife.

DayStar produces wholesome books. If you’ve written an uplifting story lately and are looking for a publisher, read our Manuscript Submissions page, and then get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.