Manuscript Submissions

Have you written a book? Well done! Read on to see whether it might fit within our publishing programme…

1.  Does your book have a New Zealand or Australian connection? While not necessary in all cases, this is especially important for biographies and autobiographies.

2.  Is the book likely to inspire and encourage?. We are looking for books that are wholesome in tone and content and will have universal appeal.

3.  Is your book around 60,000 words long? We find this a useful average length to aim for, but we can be flexible.

4.  Is your book finished and on a disk? Has the manuscript been lightly edited and proofread?  (We do the final editing at this end, but because of time limitations we prefer to receive manuscripts pretty much in finished form).

5.  Can you contribute towards the cost of publishing your book?  DayStar Books is a subsidy publisher. This means we require each author to help pay for the printing. We will negotiate the cost with each author.

 Please supply:

1.  A one-page covering letter telling us (i) the title (ii) the number of words (iii) why you have written it, and what makes it different from other books on the same subject (iv) your qualifications for writing it (v) why you think it will sell.

2.  A one-page synopsis (an overview) of the book

3.  Your introduction, first chapter and one other chapter

4.  The table of contents

5.  A brief biographical note about yourself, mentioning any other books you have had published. Do you have any prominent figures who will endorse your book?

In the first instance enquire to either  or