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Where are we heading as a nation?

What sort of people will we be?

What values will we hold?

How will we live?

What will happen to communications, farming education, health…?

“Fascinating” “Stimulating” “Thought-provoking”

168pp RRP $26.95



Slices of Abundant Life

by Wayne Graham

Reflections on life experiences and learnings received. 166pp RRP $24.95


Healthy Living

by Frank Rigg

What does it mean to be whole in body, mind and spirit?

56pp RRP $5.99 Discounts for multiple copies.

Is Marriage for Me?
A faith journey

by June Dooney

 A frank analysis of the issues facing a woman in mid life as she seeks God’s will for her, and the successful outcome.

140pp RRP $24.95

Writing to make a difference.

by George Bryant

This 36-page booklet has been written for those who write from a Christian world view. It discusses the need to reach out to the wider community through writing, to be ‘salt and light’ to the world. The power of one can have a big influence. Write with a mission. Eleven suggestions for action.
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Otherwise, it retails for $5.

Mary and Me

Two women with Parkinson’s disease two hundred years apart.

by Robyn Cotton

A powerful novel comparing personal experiences and attitudes about Parkinson’s two hundred years ago and today.

260pp  RRP $28.95

Glimpses of Hope in East Timor

by Christine Platt

Fascinating account of the author’s 18 visits to this war-torn country and her involvement in helping bring stability and hope.

108pp RRP $24.95


An ordinary Kiwi reflects

by George Bryant

What’s life on Earth really like? Who are we? Where are we going? What are our Idols? What’s the future hold? George reflects on a variety of issues vital to us all.

“Well written” − “Insightful” – “Thought-provoking” – “Sometimes provocative” – “Full of wisdom” – “Compassionate” – “Explores what it means to be human.”

204pp 12 sketches  RRP $27.95


by Joan Bryant

Autobiography: an account of Joan’s life journey.

Graduate of the University of Queensland, she has taught high school in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. She is a violinist, spiritual director and church elder in Tauranga. She lives with her husband George and has two children and two grandchildren.

RRP $26.95

Saving Grace

by Maree Hyde

A brave story of fear, betrayal, abuse and hope.

RRP $24.95


by Fred Barrett

A Very Interesting Journey
A fascinating journey of a farmer, consultant, property developer, adventurer and much more. Action-packed, inspiring, witty. An insightful slice of Kiwi life and history, and a strong Christian testimony.

RRP $29.95


by Janet Pointon

A fascinating fantasy for teens full of mystery and intrigue.

RRP $24.95

From Despair to Hope

by Sara-Jane McGuire

An honest account of rising
through depression to a life
of hope and growing self-esteem.

RRP $15


by George Seber

The Loss of a Loved One

RRP $15


by George Bryant

What in the world are human beings doing on this unique planet?

RRP $7



by George Bryant

Is there an overall, inherent meaning for our existence on Earth or do we just have to find our own?

RRP $7


What is the future as human beings?

by George Bryant

What is the future as human beings? Is there any hope?

RRP $7


Breakthrough: Freed From Anxiety

by Carol Chessum

For Christians struggling with anxiety or depression. This book will help you lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life

RRP $21.95

And the Lion Roared No More

by Deborah McDermott

A fascinating historical novel about Daniel in the lion’s den, the rise and fall of the King of Babylon and the destruction of a kingdom.This old story comes alive with suspense and drama.

RRP $29.99

AGENTS OF CHANGE: Kiwis Making A Real Difference

by George Bryant

Stories of inspirational Kiwis who are making a real difference to the way we live. George examines what motivates them.

RRP $28.95

Letters in a Different War

by Joan Braddock

A fictional narrative based on fact and personal information, which examines conscientious objection during the Second World War.

RRP $28.95

Four Kiwis on the Silk Road

by Jeanette Knudsen

Join four adventurous Kiwis in their 4WD vehicles as they travel 16,000kms over the Silk Road. Learn of their challenges and encounter sights the ordinary traveller never sees – in China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Visit fascinating towns like Kashgar and romantic cities like Samarkand.

RRP $29.95

I’ve Fallen In Love

by Ruth Corbett

A fascinating biography, written creatively in the form of stories from Ruth’s life. Each one illustrates an aspect of God’s grace as it has been worked out in her daily life.

A sensitive, finely written portrayal of a spiritually guided life, ideal for personal and group reflection.

RRP $28.95


Mission To The Ends Of The Earth

By Russell Smith

What happened in the ten years after Samuel Marsden preached the first sermon in NZ in 1814?

What happened to the missionary families, Maori and the gospel?

“Meticulously researched… A superb read.” (Bishop Richard Ellena, Nelson)

RRP $29.95


A Skylark Flies

By Robyn Cotton

A great first novel. A poignant story of forgiveness, inspired by true events – refreshing, sensitive and moving.

RRP $28.95


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Not by Might

Not by Might: The Graham Preston Story

By George Bryant

The biography of the inspirational, visionary founder of Bethlehem College, Tauranga – the largest school of its kind in Australasia. Graham was also instrumental in establishing a number of other Christian schools.

RRP $26.99

234 pages, 25 pics, white offset, gloss cover

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Frank Speaking

Frank Speaking

By Frank Leadley

The witty biography of Frank Leadley, QSM, former principal of Bay of Islands College

RRP $27.99

186pp, 52 pics, white offset, gloss cover


Heart Attack: Seven Lessons from a Near Death Experience

by Stephen Whitwell

A dramatic, blow-by-blow account of a massive heart attack – the pain, intensive care, CPR, insertion of stents, recovery – and seven lessons learnt about how to cope with and how to avoid a future attack.

“A brave, clear analysis of a personal crisis, frankly told, with wit and valuable practical helps. Many will identify with and gain comfort from this story.” (George Bryant, publisher)

Stephen is an associate pastor of the Elim Church in Tauranga.

RRP $23.99

154pp, white offset, gloss cover


Making a Real Difference: Christian Movers and Shakers

by George Bryant

Christians have made a positive difference to our nation since its foundation.

Motivated by faith they have put a human face on the principle of ‘loving your neighbour’. They have protested against injustices and gone the extra mile.

This book outlines the profiles of a few of the thousands of Christians who are moving and shaking New Zealand today, including a judge, leading scientist, social worker, journalist, city councillors, doctor, educationist, racing driver, businessman, youth worker, prison reformer, city missioner, and navy commander.

Read about why and how they are making a real difference among the poor, with at-risk youth, in housing, the media, education, health, parenting, business… and across the community.As a country we are much the richer because of them.

RRP $27.99

192pp, 21 colour pics, semi-gloss, gloss cover

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Finding the Forgotten God: Credible Faith for a Secular Age

by Ron Hay

A brilliant explanation of the Christian faith which deals in a fresh way with the questions people often ask.

Endorsements acclaim it as ‘outstanding’, ‘impressive’.

RRP $27.99

238pp, white offset, satin cover

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Rubble To Resurrection

By Melissa Parsons

Previously untold stories of the churches’ response in the Canterbury earthquakes – one of the largest natural disasters in NZ history.

How did the churches fare?

How did the ordinary folk in the pews reach out to their suffering neighbours?

How can lessons from this experience be of benefit in the future?

Endorsed by world-renowned Christian author, Philip Yancey

RRP $28.99

248pp, 17 colour pics, gloss cover


Teaching Hundreds to Heal Millions – The Story of Dr Beryl Howie

By Bartha Hill

This is the powerful story of a remarkable and determined Kiwi doctor who fully dedicated herself to working with the women of India for 23 years, bringing hope, joy and healing to thousands.

She was awarded the QSO and an Honorary Doctorate of Science by the University of Otago.”

This is author Bartha Hill’s sixth book.

RRP $24.99

172pp, 7 pics, white offset, gloss cover


MILLENNIUM 3: Unresolved Issues of Our Time

By George Bryant

Why do major issues like child abuse, poverty and racism continually plague us? Why can’t we resolve them?

George Bryant probes twelve current social problems, discusses the pros and cons of each, and offers suggestions for positive progress.

Basically, he says, we tend to provide only two-dimensional solutions, ignoring the ‘spiritual’ side of humanity. We are good at attacking the symptoms of social dysfunction but poor at investigating the causes. We need to use three dimensional thinking.

A unique, brave exposè.

RRP $27.99

212pp, white offset, gloss cover

To find out more about George Bryant and view his complete bibliography, visit


Way to Go: Living In A Broken World

By George Bryant

Leading NZ Non-Fiction Writer, George Bryant, has come up with a winner!

What is the way to go in the 21st century? How can we live better? How should we treat each other?

George Bryant re-examines the main sayings of the greatest teacher in the world about how to relate to other people. In his usual concise, dynamic style he examines what Christ really said about how we should live.

He concludes that if we were more radical in our thinking and behaviour our lives and those around us could be transformed.

This book is for everybody. It is very readable, eye-opening and challenging.

RRP $23.99

160pp, gloss cover

To find out more about George Bryant and view his complete bibliography, visit


Trial to Triumph: Inspiring stories of Overcomers

By George Bryant

Stories of ordinary Kiwis who have struggled against the odds and not just survived but emerged victorious over their circumstances.

RRP $23.99

232pp, white offset, gloss cover

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George: Secrets of an Ordinary Kiwi

By George Bryant

The entertaining and inspiring autobiography of George Bryant – teacher, high school principal, president of a political party and ordained minister of religion, who was listed in New Zealand Who’s Who in 1991 and 2001.

RRP $19.95

215pp, white offset, gloss cover

To find out more about George Bryant and view his complete bibliography,